WATCH: Dr. Michael Palmer Warns, ‘The Vaccines Are Designed to Poison People’

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In the video clip below, Dr. Michael Palmer discusses the toxicity of the Covid-19 vaccines, particularly the mRNA vaccines.

Michael Palmer, MD is an Associate Professor at the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, ON, Canada.

He is a biochemist who specializes in researching how peptides and proteins interact with membranes.

His work currently focuses on the action mode of lipopeptide antibiotics, like daptomycin, as well as bacterial resistance to them.


“I’m going to speak briefly about the toxicity of the Covid vaccines, in particular, of the mRNA vaccines.

This is really a technology designed to poison people. That is my considered opinion as a medical doctor working in biochemistry; teaching pharmacology and toxicology.

They have two components. One is the messenger RNA, which contains the blueprint, in this case, for the spike protein that occurs normally on the surface of the virus particles.

And the idea is to sneak this messenger RNA into our own body cells in order to have them make the actual protein to which the immune systems respond.

The second component is the lipid nanoparticles, lipid fat like molecules, that encase the messenger RNA.

And they serve two purposes. One is to protect the messenger RNA while it is in transport and, secondly, also to help it enter the body cells.

There are several different components and one of them is so-called cationic, or electrically positively charged lipid that is known to be quite toxic.

They tend to, once they are inside the cell, disrupt the mitochondrial respiration.

We have to assume that just as with radiation, there is a total dose limit, total lifetime dose limit that you can survive.

What that means is the total lifetime dose of these messenger RNA vaccines that you can tolerate before you die is limited. We don’t know the exact amount because there is simply not enough experimental data.

It’s actually one of the great scandals of these vaccines that no proper toxicity studies have been carried out before these were rolled out and applied worldwide to the population.

In principle, we can be quite certain that the total dose of these vaccines that you can tolerate before you die limited. Whether that’s ten shots or twenty shots or eight shots, nobody knows.

So this is really a technology designed to poison people.”

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