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Discussion on Covid-19 vaccine side effects.
Discussion on Covid-19 vaccine adverse reaction reports.
Discussion on Covid-19 vaccine side effects and long Covid.

UK Covid Vaccine Injured Family
We are a friendly UK-based community of individuals that experienced adverse reactions after receiving our Covid-19 vaccines. We provide support and advocacy for our members and are actively raising awareness amongst the British healthcare system, media, and government.


Reddit Groups

Covid Vaccine Injury
People experiencing long-term side effects from the Covid-19 vaccines.

Sharing stories of vaccine injuries.

Covid Vaccinated
Lets talk about vaccination and vaccines.

Vaccine Long Hauler
People experiencing long-term side effects from the Covid-19 vaccines.

Vaccine Memorial Wall
Memorializing everybody who was injured or has died from the Covid-19 vaccines.

Adverse Reaction Report
Follow us for the latest Covid-19 vaccine news and stories of the injured.


Facebook Groups

Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects
This group is primarily for people who want to share their personal experiences, symptoms, and questions regarding their Covid-19 injections.

Covid Vaccine – Long Haul Autoimmune Support
If you have taken the vaccine and one or more days later experienced dizziness, mental fog, heart palpitations, panic attacks, headaches, chills, weakness, tingling of skull and/or spinal cord, ER visits with perfect vitals – this is the place for you.

Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects Group (Pfizer, Moderna, Astra, Johnson)
A group for people to share their vaccination experience.

Covid Vaccine Side Effects
This is a group to report any side effects from the Covid vaccine.

Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects and Experiences Group
This group is for those who have already had a Covid-19 vaccine, or are committed to getting a Covid-19 vaccine, to discuss first-hand experiences and side effects.

Vaccine Side Effect Support Group
This group is here to support the people who “did the right thing,” but who (unfortunately) paid the price for it.

Covid-19 Vaccine and Pregnancy
An informal platform for mommies-to-be to share resources, experiences, and thoughts surrounding the benefits and risks of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria After COVID-19 Vaccine Support Group
Since there is little to no credible information online regarding chronic urticaria post Covid-19 vaccination, this group is meant to be a place for people to share their experiences.

Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 Vaccine Discussion Group
This is a private discussion group for those that have received the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine. Discuss experiences with access, the injection, side effects, etc.

J&J Jenssen Covid-19 Vaccine Recipients
Open group for people who have received the single dose J&J vaccine to share experiences.

J&J Covid Vaccine Support
For people who received the J&J Covid vaccine to share experiences.

J&J Covid-19 Vaccine Discussion Group
Let’s talk about our experiences and help others who want info about this shot.

Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine Discussion Group
This group is a discussion forum for those who have received the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine. Discuss experiences with access, the injection, side effects, etc.

Myocarditis and Pericarditis After Covid Vaccine Support

I Have Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration
For anyone who is experiencing or has experienced arm/shoulder pain or arm/shoulder injury due to a vaccine shot.

IOMCovid Vaccine Injuries (UK)
Anyone who thinks their injury could be from the Covid-19 vaccine or know someone who has been injured.

Injuries Due to Covid Vaccine
A safe place to share personal stories about how the vaccine has affected you.

Australian Covid Vaccine Injuries
Share your stories, find health solutions, support, and embrace those in our communities. Updates on organizations that will help you get compensation.

Covid-19 Vaccinations Injury Group
This group encourages members to share their stories regarding their Covid-19 side effects, including injury and reactions to the vaccine.


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